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horizontal style oak cedar chest with harvest cushion Original Base
3 1/2 inch solid wood boards run horizontally around the bottom of the chest. This Red Oak chest has a Harvest cushion top and horizontal box style.
panel style cherry quilt hope chest with windmills cushionBeaded Bunn Foot Base
3 inch high and 5 inch round bunn foot with a cut out pattern to  run horizontally in a beaded design.. This African Mahogany chest has a Walker style box..
Red Elm quilt sized cedar chest with Americana cushionReeded Bunn foot Base
3 inch high and 5 inch round bunn foot with a cut out pattern to  run vertically in a reeded design. This African Mahogany chest  has a customer's fabric cushion top and Steinitz style box.
Standard Base
The base of this chest is inside the chest and supports the Aromatic cedar floor so the Box part of the chest  sits right on the floor. This Fruit wood stained Ash chest has a Summer Blossom cushion top and 49er style box.
Smooth Bunn Foot Base
2 inch high and 3 inch round smooth feet screwed into a corner bracket set this chest off the floor. This Red Elm chest with Curly maple panels has a bamboo cushion top and Amanda Style Box.
Scroll foot base with classic trim.
3 1/2 inch high scroll cut feet combine with the classic molded trim to lift this chest to a very classy look. This Cherry chest has a triple frame wooden lid and Walker Style Box.
Classic Molded Trim Base 
 Designed to keep the crumbs out of small seams and eliminate nail holes on the outside of the chest, this molded trim base is made up before it ever goes on the bottom of the box. The mitered corners are joined with biscuits to add strength and the base is glued and screwed into the box and is wide enough to support the floor. Often used with scroll feet it can also be used alone. This cherry chest is stained with a mix of cherry and pecan.
Your Style Chest base
This is a custom wood shop and we may be able to make something special for you or your loved ones.

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